MODs employment by Taliban

Posted on: December 23rd, 2017 by Will Rodriguez 1 Comment

The Firearms Blog presented some interesting observations of Taliban use of night vision devices (NODs) in Afghanistan.

Sources of NODs ranged from purchase in Afghanistan, potential supplying from unfriendly nations and the capture of allied equipment as what happened at Ghorak.  While use of NODs by the Taliban seems to be very sparse and sporadic the article ended with a fascinating observation that the most effective weapons are given to the most prestigious leaders versus the insurgent most capable of employing the weapon ion the battlefield.

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  • Yankee Papa

    Good copy. Of course, in some countries some of the fancy stuff that we give our “Gallant Allies” winds up on the black market… or simply handed over to enemy forces by somebody in their chain of command.

    Would be extremely reluctant to hand over anything fancy to…say…Ukraine… as some units would be across the border within a week…