Army eliminates S&W from new handgun competition

Posted on: September 27th, 2016 by Will Rodriguez 4 Comments

On Friday Smith & Wesson disclosed they were not selected to continue into the Army’s next phase in the Modular Handgun System (MHS) evaluation.   The Army has not made an official announcement nor are the reason(s) for S&W’s M&P variants rejection been explained.  S&W seems to be holding its cards close on its official or unofficial reaction to the news.

I briefly covered S&W’s MHS candidates on SpotterUp to include a rare photo of the most obvious differences between S&W’s entries and their civilian M&P counterparts.   According to the staff at the General Dynamics booth (the S&W partner in the MHS) the improved M&P variants will be released to the public soon.   Versions of 9mm Glocks, Sig Sauer’s P320, Berretta’s APX and Fabrique Nationale pistols (not the five-seven) remain in the MHS evaluation.

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  • YankeePapa


    Do you have any guesses?  Magazine capacity, reliability, price… politics?


  • YankeePapa I honestly don’t have any idea.  I was surprised also. 
    I do know Glock likely has a reliability/price edge and Sig’s is the most modular.

  • YankeePapa

    …You think that they’d know better than to use the term “knock down power…”  Unless you are talking about a cannon ball, the term that you want is “stopping power…”  A round that will “knock down” the man struck by it… will “knock down” the man who fired it.  Basic physics.


  • YankeePapa Yes, whenever uses the term “stopping power” they really are demonstrating a lack of knowledge on the subject.
    The article you linked is very interesting.  The dual duty and undercover needs of MARSOC make a strong case for the Glock 19.
    The firearms expert citing the aerodynamics of the 9mm round as increasing its penetration doesn’t seem credible.  Sure, 9mm presents less air resistance but the impact seems quite minor.  If anything it is equaled or outweighed by the mass of the .45 round which is twice as heavy as the typical 9mm round.