About GRUNTS and Co

Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Larson

Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Larson

Welcome to GruntsandCo.com!

Grunts & Co is about the Infantry, topics that impact the Infantry and those of interest to infantrymen and those that support them.   Grunts & Co wants to commemorate and celebrate those that have served and are serving and be the site for those who want to get and share an infantryman’s perspective of what it means to be a grunt, what issues are important to them and thoughts on those issues.  Everyone is welcome.  Grunts & Co is for Infantry past, present and future, those that share our interests, want to learn about the Infantry, its history, accomplishments and those issues that may impact its future.  

A hole exists in regards to what Infantry has brought, brings and will bring to the fight.  Grunts & Co is going to try and plug it.  Grunts & Co wants to create a place where those want to discuss those issues and events that impact them, can congregate to exchange ideas. 

What makes us different?

Our content is from those who have done it, lived it, seen green tracers fired in anger (maybe launched a couple of red ones in response) and those subject matter experts who have dedicated themselves to issues important to the grunt. 

Our focus is the often unsung heroes of the battlefield, the Grunts (Infantry) and Company.  Their exploits, accomplishments, culture and issues important to the grunt and those that accompany him as he goes about doing his daily duties are often overlooked in the main stream media and websites focus on the more popular forces on the battlefield. 

“I love the infantry because they are the underdogs. They are the mud-rain-frost-and-wind boys. They have no comforts, and they even learn to live without the necessities. And in the end they are the guys that wars can’t be won without.”  Ernie Pyle – “The God-Damned Infantry” (1943)

While not a haughty forum filled with ten pound brains, contrary to popular belief grunts do some serious thinking characterized by blunt honesty.  We are allergic to PC.  This is not a political site but we’ll discuss foreign policy and political decisions because when deployed we are America’s “Diplomats of last resort” and live the policy decisions made at home.  

Look around.  Take off your brain bucket, drop your body armor and cop a squat.  Read an article (yes, grunts can read, we can write too!), share your experience, perspective, thoughts or ask a question.  We’ll all walk away a bit better prepared for that next firefight (at least mentally).