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Posted on: October 18th, 2013 by Will Rodriguez 30 Comments

Captain James Clement commanded a Marine company in Helmand Province in Afghanistan in July 2011.  Unbeknownst to him, four of his Marines did something dumb urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters and then crossed the line into blind stupidity by taking pictures and filming it.  Well the pictures were released to the press by a Marine that was “offended”.  The ensuing fecal storm reached Katrina proportions.  Oh, apologies, I should have put a disclaimer up first. “Beware of exploding heads!”

The Marine Commandant, Gen Amos entered the fray in an epic example of micromanagement (and illegal command influence) demanding court martials and moving the case around to find a plaint general to persecute the stupid. Three Marine NCOs who plead guilty received felony convictions, excessive punishment considering the crime.  Five more received non judicial punishment.

Clement has been pending a court martial because he had the temerity to refuse non judicial punishment. While waiting for his courtmartial, his lawyer a Major in the Corps brought to light the Corps was classifying e-mail in an attempt to make it difficult for Clement to defend himself.  When the lawyer addressed the cover up of command influence he was literally deemed a nut, physically escorted from his office, directed to undergo a psych exam and ordered to surrender his privately owned weapons.

The court martial charges against Clement were abruptly dropped and instead an administrative board was convened to kick CPT Clement out of the Corps.  So today, “A U.S. Marine Corps panel is recommending that an officer be forcibly discharged for failing to supervise a group of snipers who posed for a video while urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.”  

So, ten Marines casualties to PC.  To add insult to injury the Commandant and SMMC released a letter today to the Corps’ NCOs asking for their help “to reawaken the soul of our Corps against an enemy emerging from within our ranks.”  The letter went on to say, “98 percent of our Marines are doing the right thing,”.  The above is a sterling example of what the other two percent are doing.  Obviously Marines shouldn’t be urinating on enemy corpses but felony convictions and expectations that Captains should be supervising individual snipers is what an unreal sensitivity to political correctness is causing.

Clement’s attorneys will appeal his separation while the Commandant’s behavior will be ignored and there will be more PC casualties down the road.

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  • Txazz

    This is an outrage !!!

  • clluelo

    No words for that Will. I am shocked about the lengths they went to and the overreaction by  the highers . The snipers showed bad judgement, maybe a misdemeanor charge, but  felony charges and court martials !!

  • clluelo FYI, ANY court martial conviction is a felony conviction.  It’s one of the unique aspects of the UCMJ.

  • LauraKinCA

    clluelo   The term “witch hunt” comes to mind… it’s happened in the military before, but this is pretty egregious.

  • ArcticWarrior

    Unbelievable….. what else can you say

  • ::sigh::  Felony convictions for urinating on dead bodies.  If the Marines had treated the bodies like the other side does, I guess they would have gotten the death penalty.

  • ArcticWarriorit gets worse.  I didn’t even mention the BN XO who was
    allowed to be moved and promoted while everyone else was frozen pending
    the investigation. The kicker? He was Gen Conway’s son, a previous Marine Commandant.  Who arranged for that exception?

  • ArcticWarrior

    majrod ArcticWarrior Im legitimately shocked at that, Conways son. Unbelievable. I didn’t put the name with his dad until you pointed it out.

  • ArcticWarrior majrod You know what’s REALLY amazing?
    The silence of the media…

  • clluelo

    majrod clluelo  Felony convictions?? That wouldn’t happen in the civilian world.  That charge is a misdemeanor .

  • clluelo majrod I can’t really say what would happen in the civilian world and it’s a dangerous comparison.  This was a combat zone.  These guys had killed Marines.  Tough to find equivalency.

  • clluelo

    majrod clluelo  MajRod. I don’t think there should have been any charges at all., just the usual corrections for bad judgement .  In civilian law it is called committing  an indignity to a dead body, or interference to a dead body.

  • ArcticWarrior

    majrod ArcticWarrior The media jumped on the photos, made it out like it was a barbaric act of out of control scout/snipers. I guess we should expect what’.s currently happening.

  • ArcticWarrior majrod but the media is ignoring the nepotism and scapegoating…

  • LauraKinCA

    majrod ArcticWarrior  The media is enjoying the “atrocity” part of their story… your reminder of the other parts of the story would detract from their agenda.

  • ArcticWarrior

    majrod ArcticWarrior If they aren’t “rocking the boat” by reporting on that aspect, proof its political.

  • YankeePapa

    …I hate to say anything bad about my beloved Marine Corps… but this is silliness on stilts.  The current Commandant will wind up among the bottom 10% in the Corps’ history.  Sad thing, I bet he thinks that he is doing a bang-up job.  

  • Recon6

    Txazz  T, I will refrain from a long line of ‘deletive expletives’ here as this has my already high b.p. spiking!!
    This was such a trivial incident, albeit a foolish one, it should have been dumped on arrival.  I detest this ‘social media’ being available to destroy lives and careers.  As one who witnessed a few ‘war crimes’ at least by today’s standards, we simply uttered a “don’t mean nothing” comment and Charlie Mike.
    So some fruit loop witnessed this, made a vid, and created this mess.  Then Gen. Amos got all uptight and prosecuted this to the utmost of his ability??  wth??  Just a feeling a few of the WWII Marines would have laughed and told the snipers how foolish they were and Do Not do this again!
    I am sickened by this.  Once again our young WarFighters are jacked by this p/c crap, my prayers go out for them and I will research further and make some noise from a concerned citizen….6

  • 5000area375

    I don’t condone what the marines did but at most they should have been given a company grade Article 15. 15 days pay, restriction and extra duty. The treatment of our dead by the enemy is far worse we don’t want to become them. I do not believe the leaders should have been punished for anything unless they did not take corrective action upon learning of the incident.

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  • GodblessUSSF

    This makes me sick Will. Thanks for sharing though. Shit is beyond despicable.

  • GodblessUSSF

    majrod ArcticWarrior Not surprising though.. The media are a bunch of leeches that feed on bullshit scandals that “prove” their own narrative.

  • GodblessUSSF

    majrod clluelo There is none. Unless there was a case where a man pissed on the murderer of a family member. In which case I wouldn’t blame them.

  • Latest Development…
    “27 former Marine Corps and Navy officers and lawyers, including a
    general officer, sent a letter to the leaders of the Senate and House
    Armed Services committees Tuesday, asking for a congressional inquiry
    into allegations of unlawful command influence centering on Marine Corps
    Commandant Gen. Jim Amos and his senior legal advisers.” 
    “The initial convening authority on the sniper cases, Lt. Gen. Thomas
    Waldhauser, would later say in a sworn statement that Amos stripped him
    of authority to prosecute when he would not promise to ensure that all
    linked to the scandal were thrown out of the Corps.”


    This is unprecedented.

  • YankeePapa

    “Let this investigation be without fear or favor…”

  • BSchroe

    Cell phones and video cameras are going to cause a lot of mischief. Are there regulations about carrying devices like this on patrol ?

  • BSchroe   There are.  As one can see some units are better at enforcing these regs than others.

  • LauraKinCA

    Another article about this focusing on Weirick, the Marine lawyer….  http://www.stripes.com/news/us/fight-escalates-over-case-involving-marines-urinating-on-corpses-1.253233

  • clluelo

    Amos went over the top with this and now has no way back. He should resign

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