TCM ROCK Standard FS HC Combo – 22TCM/9mm Review

Posted on: October 18th, 2016 by Will Rodriguez 1 Comment

When it comes to guns it’s hard to be innovative with the myriad of choices out there.  The task becomes near insurmountable when you tackle the venerable 1911 chassis and simultaneously create a brand new round.  You have to hand it to Rock Island and I applaud their daring.  I was given the opportunity to put several hundred rounds of the relatively new 22 TCM round through their full size high capacity version of the 1911.  I took the liberty to shoot some 9mm also.  Yes!  It comes with a 9mm barrel and spring you can drop into the gun and convert it into a 9mm blaster.

Check out the rest of my review of one of Rock Island’s 1911 combo 22 TCM & 9mm pistols here!

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  • YankeePapa

    …I would hesitate to go into self-defense mode with a small round if something bigger was to hand.  Still, lot of fun to shoot.
    The 9mm on a .45 frame is popular in many places.  In the U.S. in 1976 I bought a Colt 9mm on .45 frame for under $200.  In Africa I sold it to a (Chinese/Rhodesian) member of the pistol shooting team for $1000 Rhodesian… (paid entirely in $10. bills… a long story…)  Equal to $ 1600. U.S.  

    …I certainly agree that one mag is too few for proper self-defense.  Two is better and three better yet.  My civilian concealed carry holster for 9mm pistol has a built-in spare magazine space that does not take up excessive space and is not awkward.