Russians bomb hospital, world silent

Posted on: February 17th, 2016 by Will Rodriguez 2 Comments

It’s been reported that Russian planes bombed from one to three hospitals in Syria killing up to 50 people.  Russia denies it attacked any hospitals and points out there is no evidence.  Doctors Without Borders ran one of the facilities.  The lack of an international outcry is surprising especially considering the furor caused when the US admittedly and inadvertently bombed a hospital in Afghanistan.  The same organization, Doctors Without Borders vociferously denounced the attack as a “war crime”.  Still waiting for a similar characterization of the three hospitals bombed by the Russians.

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  • YankeePapa

    One vestige of the Cold War.  The tendency of the Third World and the Left to fanatically go after the smallest perceived fault of the firefighters… while demonstrating an amazing blindness towards the actions of the arsonists.   As to Russia’s denials…

  • Txazz

    I haven’t heard Doctors w/o Borders screaming their heads off this time.