Putin establishing new personal security organization

Posted on: April 13th, 2016 by Will Rodriguez 2 Comments

Global Security reported the establishment of a new security organization directly responsible to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The Federal Service of Troops Russian Federation National Guard (RF FSVNG) will be maned from Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs,

From Global Security, “Russia’s president signed a decree April 05, 2016 to create a national guard tasked with fighting terrorism and organized crime. The new federal agency will be led by Vladimir Putin’s former chief bodyguard, Viktor Zolotov. Putin said in a televised meeting with Zolotov and other top security officials in the Kremlin that the new government entity will merge the country’s interior ministry troops with riot police and swat teams. He also said that Russia’s drug control and migration services will be incorporated into the interior ministry’s structure.”

The organization will overlap other existing organizations’ missions like the FSB, OMON and SOBR.  Specific tasks  include maintaining public order, performing select SWAT type functions and employment  in the event of a state of emergency.  Size is undetermined but could be as large as 200,000 troops who will be fully motorized including access to armor, their own aviation, engineer, marine forces and intelligence capabilities.

The formation, capabilities lines of command bear a striking similarity to a historical organization of World War II fame, the Schutzstaffel or as more commonly known, the SS.

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    The SS had many parts.  Those assigned to the concentration camps, the Waffen SS (combat formations)… the “general purpose” SS… and the intelligence and police arms.  The last sucked up the Gestapo (had been run for a time by Goering) and police agencies throughout Germany.  
    For anybody in Russia who is nostalgic for Beria and the police state… this is a good first step.   -YP-