President says ISIS contained. Hours later terror attack rocks Paris.

Posted on: November 13th, 2015 by Will Rodriguez 9 Comments

Earlier today the President announced ISIS was “contained” and not getting stronger.  Less than 12 hours later, a terrorist attach struck Paris at multiple locations.

The attacks involved numerous attackers several of which were wearing explosive belts.  Details are still pouring in, four terrorists were killed as the rest remain missing.  At least six sites were reported attacked simultaneously including a bar, a stadium and a concert hall where over 100 hostages were killed at that site alone.  The scope of the attack would likely require at least a dozen terrorists (more likely two dozen if four man terrorist teams were used.  Preliminary casualty counts are over 150 dead.  Despite extremely strict French gun laws, AK-47’s, shotguns and explosives were the weapons used in the attack.

A terrorist was reported to have said, “This is for Syria!”  Seems he wasn’t watching the President on ABC this morning.

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  • YankeePapa

    “…We can see the light at the end of the tunnel…”  Yup, heard that one when I was 18 in 1967.  They didn’t know that it was attached to a runaway freight train… 
    …Meanwhile, West Point has shown some class…

    -Yankee Papa-

  • KineticFury

    Government likes to claim the easy benchmark victories. 
    While ISIS may be “contained” in that they can’t push out and take and hold more land, like conventional state warfare, it’s a mistake to think of ISIS or any criminal/terror organization as a conventional army limited to a small theater. With the nature of the business and with their recruitment network they’re more of an Uber than a NYC taxi service, anybody anywhere can get their muj XP’s, It’s ideological movement, and must be thought and fought as one.
    Sad to see this happen but we’ve all known it was only a matter of time. Unfortunately politicians worldwide are ushering in policies that are accommodating evil and leaving the citizen worse off than sitting ducks.

    The pen is only mightier than the sword until the battle starts.

  • Txazz

    YankeePapa How neat was that!

  • KineticFury 

    I agree that ISIS cannot be seen as a criminal Army but it is more of an equal mix between a NYC medallion cab company and Uber.  This is part of the current problem.  Too many see ISIS as just an insurgent group with ideology which leads to the Special Ops, drone approach.  ISIS and radical Islam as a whole is a threat in the same vein as Nazisim.  At a time, Nazism was just an insurgent group with ideology.  It then transitioned to a conventional nation state.  ISIS is well on its way to that transition and left insurgency status long ago.  ISIS does not exhibit all the freedom of decentralization of the Uber model.

    Insurgent groups/Insurgencies don’t have a geographic capital, exercise unilateral control and presence over large swaths of land, possess armor, artillery and uniforms etc.
    I don’t buy ISIS is “contained” either.  Contained enemies can’t launch attacks on different continents. 

    Concur completely with your insights about politicians and the pen though I’d neck down that generalization about governments to administrations.  Some are much more willing to call a butt whipping, “success”.(Those same admins are uncomfortable with the word “victory”.)

  • KineticFury

    majrod KineticFury Agreed on they hybrid nature and the administrations rather than government points. It sounds weird saying but I can understand why the President would say “contained,” but I would point him to my comment above if I was advising him. The Japanese at Iwo Jima could be considered “contained” (i know, totally different) but that doesn’t mean they had no capabilities, in short what I’m saying is that it could be used somewhat casually, especially when this President does not speak decisively on anything of this nature.

  • Michael_mike

    On our side our newly appointed defence minister Harjit Sajjan did the same the day before …”ISIS is a threat, no doubt about that. Should we fear it? No. The Canadian population should have full confidence in all the security services to keep us safe.”

    It clearly didn’t work for the french. It seems common for country like Serbia to let pass refugee without paper through their border. Of particular interest it seems that ISIS had used playstation 4 network to communicate.

    I don’t know much about playstation (never owned one), never played games like call of duty but I hardly doubt that their network is that secure. Unless the NSA, DST and other are diabetics I am sure they got the capability to intercept the messages. I think the real problem is to discern the terrorist from the gamer. Any coded message like “launch attack ORANGE” will hardly raise any flag of its own.

    Back to the main topic I can’t remember of a coordinated terrorist attack of that scale on any western country. Don’t want to do a side to side comparison but while 9/11 hijacker boarded planes at similar time, they did not simultaneously hit their target -though some of the damage were unreal.

  • Michael_mike 
    The closest would be the Mumbai attack (not a western country technically)m
    I agree about the general perception about this attack.  It definitely makes the average person feel susceptible.  Most people aren’t constantly flying.  Few work in high rises or the Pentagon.
    Frankly, I don’t think this will impact the psyche of N. Americans.  France is a long ways away.  When it happens here all hell will break loose in the public discourse arena.  I still think there’s a 50/50 chance the administration will do anything lasting even after that attack.

  • Michael_mike

    Hagel give an interview with foreign policy. Few more detail about the lack of strategy regarding ISIS. My first impression is to call it a plan so flexible that it’s no longer a plan (no stranger to this) but kicking the can down the road is a more accurate term.

  • Michael_mike 
    Thoroughly unimpressed with Hagel.  Seems he wants pity for getting the short end of the stick after he decided to leave the DoD.  Well what kind of Einstien accepts the job in the first place and then plays the stooge to huirt our military for years and has the guts to complain about how he was being treated afterwards.
    Hagel was the rube in charge of the DoD as the retirement/retention system was destroyed (we have yet to see the end of that “gift”).  He honchoed the piecemeal deterioration of our military capabilities across the board.  He whines after the fact of the damage done to Obama’s credibility over the red line fiasco and was S I L E N T about our interests in Syria when it counted.  He facvlitated the integration of women into all combat arms specialties specifically allowing the Army to do a pretty half assed job in evaluating women’s abilioty to serve in combat arms unbits.  (If you compare the testing done in the Marines toi what the Army did the difference is staggering.)
    Now he wants to do reputation repair?
    Cry me a river.

    He deserves everything he gets.
    My only regret are the yahoos that thought he would be a good SecDef are unscathed.