Malaysia Airliner Shot Down: What Next?

Posted on: July 21st, 2014 by Will Rodriguez 1 Comment

In SOFREP is a piece I wrote describing the most dangerous and most likely courses of action to result from the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Fl 17.  It parallels my earlier prediction in May here in GRUNTSandCo.

Right now the Russians are very busy with a media disinformation campaign to quiet the uproar so they can resume their strategy.

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  • Camo_Steve

    Well…  this is slightly unrelated, but I think this is a dangerous problem that should be noted. We are likely to see damaged parts of the wreckage, get “cleaned up” by some people, and then somehow get them into the inventory system for a quick buck. 

    This is a hazard that may affect the lives of those onboard future airplanes using these parts (or the planes around them).

    As I type this, there are reports that a Air Algerie flight has crashed in Africa. If it  has landed in area near some locals, I’m sure they are going to strip the plane before the officials come.