Human rights group wants jail time for troops involved in hospital attack

Posted on: March 19th, 2016 by Will Rodriguez 1 Comment

Global Security reported Human Rights Watch (HRW) calls the failure to “criminally investigate” troops involved in the attack on an Afghan hospital late last year an ‘injustice and insult’ to the victims.  Ten service members received administrative punishment some including career ending letters of reprimand for the attack on a hospital initially described as a source of Taliban fire on friendly units.

The Pentagon is scheduled to release a version of its investigation next week.   The US military’s position is the AC130 gunship misidentified the hospital for an Afghan command and control center.

Still waiting for HRW’s comments reference the complete lack of Russian oversight on widespread allegations of Russian aircraft striking civilian targets in Syria.  One was recently addressed by Grunts and Co to highlight the double standard.

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  • YankeePapa

    “… release a version… ” That makes one want to get up early and go out and conquer the world…  “We have met the enemy… and then went home…”       “Remember the… uh… you know… that place in Texas…?”
    …The Pentagon…the large building that launched a thousand indecisions.  Somebody wake me after the election… if somebody other than HRC or Trump wins…
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