DoD report: US unable to account for 40% of weapons given Afghanistan

Posted on: July 28th, 2014 by Will Rodriguez 2 Comments

The headline pretty much says it all as the Washington Times reports the details.  American supplied arms can’t be tracked because of multiple errors in the two systems used to track them.  Besides the concern that four of ten weapons may be unaccounted for and in the hands of the black market or the enemy, the government is considering how to decrease the number of weapons available as we withdraw.  The key assumption is there will be less need after we are gone.

Sometimes it’s easy to see how errors get into the system in the first place.

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  • KineticFury

    Should’ve given them to me instead! I

  • YankeePapa

    “… would be demoralizing and “send a very loud message to the Afghans” that the U.S. military does not trust them…”
    …Of course we don’t trust them.  Large % of those weapons on black market, in enemy hands… or squirreled away by warlords.  
    …Bigger issue is that we can’t trust our own people… Never mind vanishing pallets of American cash… or corrupt construction contractors who would be shot in North Korea for shoddy workmanship… We are getting ready to hand two more C-130s to the Afghans and they can’t maintain and operate the two that they already have.  
    …I posted couple lines from a report on this mess to SOFREP…  Said that the Afghans already have 100,000 more weapons than they can use… and we are sending them more.  
    …Never mind the Afghans… they are just doing business as usual… But some American heads need to roll over our tossing money and weapons into a vast pit…