Happy 238th Birthday Marines!

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USMC War Memorial Night by Felix de Weldon

I asked close friend and former Marine “YP” to write a birthday essay for his fellow Marines.  As always he delivers a routine message with style, little known anecdotes and a thoughtful message…    

YP's Graduation by YP

YP’s Graduation by YP

  Was asked to say a few words about November 10th (Marine Corps birthday…)  For the Marines out there, not much that I can say that they don’t know.  For others, it may seem like the Marine Corps version of the Foreign Legion’s Cameron day.

  Hard to explain.  Marines do not have a patent on courage, love of country, willingness to fight against long odds.  No Marines died at the Alamo or at Gettysburg.  Only one died at the Little Big Horn. 

  In Boise there is a family restaurant with a bar… called Quinn’s.  Quinn was a Korean War Marine.  Every November 10th Marines (and Navy corpsmen who served with the lads in the field) from around the Treasure Valley and beyond show up for the Birthday celebration. 

  By late in the evening the proceedings are quite enthusiastic and lubricated.  In 2005 many more Reservists than usual attended… Boise’s Marine tank company had just returned from duty along the Syrian border in Iraq.

  But it was the 1997 ceremony that I remember best.  At noon a printout of the Commandant’s message was read while all stood at attention.  The youngest Marine present (a seventeen year old Reservist) as is the custom… cut a slice of the Birthday cake and presented it to the oldest Marine present… The oldest that year was a gentleman in his eighties.  He had served with the Fourth Marine Regiment in China in the 1930s. 

  Rather than try to explain it, I will quote from the late Leon Uris, best selling author of the novels Exodus, Battle Cry (vastly better than the film)… etc.  Uris was a Marine with the 2nd Marine Division when it moved through the surf onto Tarawa. 

  In Battle Cry Uris addresses the graduation from boot camp… passing in review.

 “They were United States Marines now, and would be until the day they died…”

 Semper Fi,



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  • Happy Birthday Marines from GRUNTSandCo and Me!
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    I’m a Go Daddy customer, he’s a former Marine and did up a cool Oorah video.  Enjoy.

  • TeufelshundeUSMC


    (YP, were those dress blue jackets in your grad photo also apron wraps for photo only? My platoon’s grad photo experience was made more memorable because we had just gotten the thrashing of our lives to date that day, just before picture time, we were in the pit, forgot what we did to deserve it… then lined up for pictures, wiped our faces with our shirts, put those goofy dress blue aprons on, picked a cover to match, click… and it was back to the pit and chasing airplanes. When we got our “yearbooks” though, we looked pretty hardcore.)

  • YankeePapa

    “… were those dress blue jackets in your grad photo also apron wraps for photo only…?”
    …Yup.  They were shells.  The morons who took the photos underexposed half of them… (including mine) Didn’t find out until graduation.    I had to work hard with photo software to get my pic halfway reasonable. …On the other hand, there were a lot of candid photos that I was in that turned out just great.
    …The platoon photo was in color… and fine.  Problem was that one idiot had a gentle smile.  Well, hell… nobody told me to wear my “war face…”  So a few days before graduation we get the platoon pics and the D.I.’s get a look at my peaceful smile.  I get called into the Duty Hut… “DO YOU LIKE IT HERE…?!?” followed by words that I’m sure are not in the Bible and at least one obscene gerund…  (Verb used as a noun…) But we were on top of graduation, so they were only at it for a couple of minutes.

    …My platoon photo badly damaged over the years.  Then I saw an item that the company that used to take those photos had shut down.  All the photos are part of MCRD group or something on base at San Diego.  For a price they pulled up my platoon photo negative and sent me a print.  Right photo, but the print, while colors vibrant… was too dark.  No problem… My photo software can cope with quality prints just fine… Did brightness correction and good as new.  

  • ArcticWarrior

    Happy Birthday Marine Corps, especially to our brethren, the 0311’s

  • Txazz
  • LauraKinCA

    Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps!

  • steelhorse

    From the halls of Montazuma to the shores of Tripoli HAPPY 238 USMC

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