Gen Amos cleared of showing favoritism

Posted on: November 22nd, 2013 by Will Rodriguez 8 Comments
Commandant Gen. Jim Amos makes a point during an interview with Marine Corps Times in 2011. (Thomas Brown / Staff)

Gen Amos was cleared by the DoD IG of showing favoritism to Maj. James B. Conway the previous Marine Commandant’s son.  The officers of Maj Conway’s battalion were flagged after the marine urination incident in Afghanistan.  Officers were not allowed to be promoted and transferred except for Maj Conway who was subsequently promoted and assigned a battalion command.  The DoD IG stated Gen Amos’ conduct “was reasonable under the circumstances,”.

Gen Amos still faces accusations of improperly interfering in the urination case.  After three-star, Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser commander Marine Corps Forces Central Command refused to guarantee Marines involved in the urination incident would be kicked out of the Corps, Gen Amos switched court martial authority to Lt. Gen. Richard Mills, commanding general of Marine Corps Combat Development Command.  Four Marines were kicked out of the service.

After refusing non judicial punishment, Capt. James Clement commanding officer of the company was charged and scheduled for a court martial until allegations of undue command influence were filed as well as obstructing the defense by classifying evidence.  The court martial was withdrawn and instead the officer was separated by a board of inquiry.

The defense’s attorney Maj. James Weirick, was alleged to be psychologically unstable, removed from his office, computers seized, reassigned and asked to surrender his personal weapons.

At least there’s one less issue for Gen Amos to address.  My previous article on the case is here.

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  • LauraKinCA

    I certainly think Amos overstepped in his desire to throw the book at the Scout Snipers, and even if the IG did clear him of favoritism, it still has that “odor”. But there isn’t any information in the linked articles about whether the Major was already in the process of being promoted or if this came after the incident. I assume the Captain that they forced out was under the Major’s command… still seems odd that the Major was promoted.

  • clluelo

    The whole thing is just mind numbing.  There has so much interference from the top in this case, Amos should resign and maybe a few  more Generals  should join him.

  • YankeePapa

    defense’s attorney Maj. James Weirick, was alleged to be
    psychologically unstable, removed from his office, computers seized,
    reassigned and asked to surrender his personal weapons.

    J’accuse le commandant de “conduite indigne …”

  • BSchroe

    First time I ever heard of a Marine Corps Commandant getting involved in what was a very minor incident . People who regularly handle the messy end of the stick  probably  do have some rough edges .Should have been handled by the unit Sergeant Major or company Gunny .

  • BSchroe  The urination incident like the Korans accidentally burned got worldwide coverage hence the involvement of the Commandant. The Corps is also MUCH more protective of their image than other branches.
    The Marines should have been dealt with by NJP, at worst a bar to reenlistment but niothing further.  Felony convictions, other than honorable discharges etc. was overkill.

  • YankeePapa

    majrod BSchroe,
    …As with many other stories… the original problem pales compares to what follows.  The image of Soviet style suppression of an inconvenient human being by sweeping him into the mental “healthcare” system is not exactly inspiring… as many other officers… current and retired… to include a flag officer seem to agree.

  • steelhorse

    It was all about PC protecting the former comadaunts son and hanging someone from the highest yardarm they’ll be investigations and in a couple yrs or so Amos will retire and all will be forgotten maybe i’m wrong but i think once u rise above Lt cor you are a politicion

  • Just reported…
    Foreign Policy has learned that while the IG
    pursued an investigation of Amos’ handling of the younger Conway’s
    situation, the watchdog agency declined to look into the other two parts
    of the major’s accusations. The allegations that “legal advisers to the
    Commandant…sought to classify evidence to delay disclosure in a
    court-martial, conceal violations of law, and prevent embarrassment to
    the Marine Corps … is not under investigation by this office,”
    according to a July 23 letter sent from the inspector general’s office
    to Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) and obtained by Foreign Policy.

    A Defense Department official said Monday that still appears to be the
    case. A spokeswoman for the IG’s office, Bridget Serchak, declined to
    comment on the issue. “We do not have anything else that we can add to
    this response we provided to Rep. Jones,” she said.*Situation%20Report&utm_campaign=SITREP%20NOV%2026%202013
    This doesn’t address the other issues surrounding this case like shopping for generals who will court martial Marines, alleging a Marine Major serving as a defense lawyer is nuts or the classification of evidence.